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1. I'm the mother to 3 boys who are 10, 12 and 13 years old! 

2. I love exploring museums, the weirder the better! Just not the Museum of Death, that one's too weird.

3. I have the cutest dog named Piper (who is also a total psychopath).

4. my favorite movies are Hot Rod, Mean Girls and Bridesmaids. 

5. I have 4 brothers and have had 8 foster siblings throughout my childhood (my house was never quiet).

any questions?

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Hi, I'm Jen. I am the founder and owner of Jen Plus Colour.

I live in sunny and warm (sometimes WAY too hot) Palm Springs, California.

I started beauty school while in High School and the things I have learned and discovered through the years have made me the professional I am today. Sometimes It’s not about which prestige schools we attend, but it’s about the drive and determination we possess that helps us achieve our goals.

I see beauty differently now. There is no, one-size-fits-all formula. No two people that sit in my chair are the same. No two stories are alike.
I LOVE stories.

I love hearing them and telling them.

When we meet, I guarantee that we'll laugh, learn, gossip and sometimes even cry. My ultimate goal is that you will trust me with more than just your hair and makeup.

When I think about the Jen Plus Colour philosophy, I think about how I generally prefer to be treated by professionals. I've seen and experienced it all as a customer and it has helped form these written promises to you all:
First, I will make sure you're heard.

I will make sure you do not feel judged.

I will make sure you feel comfortable.

And finally, I promise to make sure you receive the best quality service I can possibly provide.

All people are welcome, regardless of gender, orientation or identity.

Now a little business info: I do about 50 weddings a year. I have a team of super baddass pros that I call on when I need help with larger wedding parties.
I have a salon studio located inside KM Salon in Palm Desert. I take haircuts and colour appointments Tuesdays - Fridays by appointment only.
To book a wedding; please email.
To book a salon appointment; please text or call. 760-610-9417